Healing in Hypnosis

There are many types of hypnotherapy. For years hypnotic techniques have been used to help people with medical problems, psychological problems as well as for social adjustment. 

The different approaches expand the range of philosophical mindsets from very directive, suggestive, and supportive messages on the part of the therapist, with the use of standard trance induction to set the stage for more directive suggestions, whereas at the other end of the spectrum of conversational hypnosis where the trances and suggestions are less directive and more woven into the fabric of the therapeutic relationship.  

This workshop will treat the more esoteric hypo-therapeutic techniques which involves conversational hypnosis that can be used in the medical setting as well as the psychological setting. Makes use of many finely differentiated trance states without formal inductive techniques. The substance of this workshop can be applied to such fields as medical interventions, psychotherapy, sport psychology, psychodrama, physical therapy support, and education. The results are much more internally managed by the client and self and thereby can have very powerful results like reduction of pain, change of heart, freedom from compulsions, the loosening of obsessions, and the refinement of educational goals.