Dreams at Play: An Introduction to Sandplay Analysis

The Sandplay method of analysis involves the client (child or adult) creating whatever they wish in a tray of sand with access to a wide array of miniature figures and objects. What is created is a creative product closely aligned with the dream that allows for psychic transformation through the use of powerful imagery. The process is completed in the presence of a nonjudgemental observing witness. Our sandplay analysis training assists the clinician to understand and interpret the role of transformative symbols, archetypes and themes.

This 6 hour small group workshop will explore the application of sandplay with children and adults. This workshop is designed for individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of this unique and creative approach. While the workshop assumes no prior familiarity with sandplay, it is intended for licensed psychologists and mental health clinicians, graduate and post graduate students of psychology or mental health.

Theory of sand play analysis with focus on the work of Carl Jung and Dora Kalff. Understand the role of archetypes and imagery in the role of emotional healing and growth.

Group participants will be able to engage in their own process of creative discovery through the use of sandplay. Members will experience this both in "hands-on" and observer/witness modes.

Participants will learn about the therapeutic applications of sandplay and the basics of how to set up a sandplay room and beginning a practice.

The instructor is Brian Healy, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and certified sandplay therapist with over 25 years experience as a clinician.