Immense kindness

It is with immense gratitude that I write to you on hearing the deeply saddening news of your recent passing. I want you to know that along with my profound feeling of grief comes the great restorative joy of remembering the immense kindness you showed me so many years ago when I first visited you after the loss of my life, as I knew it then, in Greece. The depth, the patience of your compassionate listening greatly helped me to awaken to the hope, the ability to create a new home from within. I remember when you went to Athens for a sports conference I believe. You made the incredibly generous gesture of visiting all the places that had been so very special to me. In doing so you reaffirmed so much of the love I thought had been lost with the collapse of my life there. Now dear Brian I know you will travel your Bright journey of Infinite Grace. KA

A guiding force

Dr. Healy was not only my therapist; he was also a friend and muse, who inspired me with his wisdom, compassion, humor, diverse interests, and spiritual insights. I deeply miss our conversations and his creatively revitalizing recommendations of films, music, and literature. Thanks, Dr. Healy, for helping me grow as a writer and individual. You will always be a guiding force in my life.

Creativity and joy

I have known Brian Healy for 19 years. His humor, discipline of thought, and generosity will always be present in my mind. His creativity and joy have built a lasting nest in my heart. He shared his favourite drinks and recipes as easily as his favourite shows and movies. His poetic interpretation of the therapeutic space as a vessel for all contents, good and bad, has inspired and comforted me beyond the confines of the therapeutic relationship. I will always remember his gentle and beautiful spirit with deeply felt gratitude. Thank you Brian for all these years working together. What you have taught me will stay with me always. -C

An amazing journey.....

I have been truly blessed to have had almost 19 years of friendship, camaraderie and brotherhood with a man who first took me in fresh out of graduate school. He shared with me his office on 42nd street and taught me all I needed to know to get a private practice off the ground. Over the years we became close friends and shared many adventures together. He always had my back, guided me, and took care of me like family. His impact on my life is wide and deep. Brian, you will be truly missed. Fritz Galette